Dive Quirimbas Activities

Arriving at Ibo Island Lodge on Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago of Mozambique is like a dream come true and the first thing to greet visitors is the Dive Quirimbas activity centre. Here, scuba diving and dolphin safaris are the most popular activities, while boat trips to other islands, snorkelling, dhow and kayak safaris are other wonderful water-related goings-on from Ibo Island.

Swimming with the dolphins at Ibo Island Lodge makes your Mozambique Diving Holiday extra special. Interaction with these intelligent beings boosts the self-morale of guests who come to Ibo Island Lodge to learn more about the area’s biodiversity and culture and to escape life’s rush.

Take a boat trip to one of the most secluded and unknown beaches in the Quirimbas Archipelago where you will be treated to lunch under a bedouin tent and plenty of snorkelling opportunities. Time your trip according to the tides and weather and look out for dolphins and turtles swimming alongside your boat! This sand bank will disappear at high tide so the timing is crucial – couples can go alone for a romantic picnic.

Another great way to spend time at Ibo Island Lodge and Dive Quirimbas is the island hopping dhow and kayak safari trip – pro guides and crews from the islands take visitors to several islands where they can snorkel, swim and kayak to their heart’s content. Combine with sea kayaking up wide coastal river mouths teeming with red listed bird species and pristine mangrove forests throughout the Quirimba Archipelago. Camp overnight on the sand with a roaring log fire and freshly grilled crayfish. Get back some days later and dive Mozambique waters with Dive Quirimbas.

Book a castaway island lunch on Mogundula Island, lying in the Quirimbas Archipelago just four kilometres from Mozambique’s mainland – dive the awesome coral reefs here, enjoy the two secluded beaches and lake. It is home to some of the most unexplored ecosystems in Mozambique. Visitors get there by powerboat and need to book in advance.

For those who don’t want to dive the Quirimbas, rather go birding and walking! Ibo Island is the head quarters of the Quirimbas National Park, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, and is uniquely located in front of one of Africa’s largest and independent mangrove forests. Ibo is a floristic kingdom and a great island for viewing birds of Mozambique.

Ibo’s bushy interior offers comfortable cover for a varied bird kingdom, who arrived in numbers for sweet nectar sipping. Ibo nests over 700 different bird species, 10 of these being threatened.

Goliath Herons, Fish Eagles, Egrets, Flamingo’s and Pelicans are all regular visitors and the tropical gardens at the lodge support a large range of Sunbirds, Woodpeckers and the beautiful lilac breasted Roller.