Dolphin Safaris


Swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat at Dive Quirimba’s, a new top class dive centre owned and managed by Ibo Island Lodge. Divers will never forget this incredible experience, interacting with these surreal marine creatures in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago off Ibo Island!

Before setting out, divers first need to learn a bit about dolphins and their behaviour and what responsible interaction really means. Then the briefing on boat safety and marine life and you are ready to plunge right in! Ibo Island Lodge uses the regulated Swim Code of Conduct to dive with dolphins – specifically created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach.

At last, sail out into the Indian Ocean for an hour on a dhow, large enough for 12 divers, or take the 20 minute speedboat trip for up to six people. Watch the dolphins in clear shallow tropical waters, slowly kit up and wait for them to approach you. Never try to swim after them or harass them – this is their domain and you are the visitor!

Some days dolphins love to interact with swimmers and other days they are too busy feeding and won’t come too close. But when they are in the right mood, they are curious and want to check you out!

Divers in the Quirimbas usually come across the dolphins in shallow tropical waters where they can be easily seen swimming along the sandy bottoms. Whatever happens, you will never forget the time you spend below the surface of the water with these special creatures. Did you know that when people mingle with dolphins, it boosts their immune systems, improves their self-control, self assurance and attention spans and even deepens their sense of compassion?

Dive Quirimbas activity centre is very proud to be an Ethical Marine Mammal Campaigner in Mozambique which supports the Dolphincare code of conduct. With the help of The Dolphin Centre crew in Ponta Do Ouro we make sure that both your experience and the dolphin’s best interests are being catered for.

Please note that Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to sightings and the nature of the dolphins. Combine your swim with the dolphins with a snorkelling experience to see myriad fish in all their glorious colours, and a guided walk into the mangroves to see unforgettable biodiversity.

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What lies beyond Dive Quirimbas


So, what lies beyond some of the richest, most pristine coral reefs in the world, and surely the best beaches and warm seas in Africa?

Well, for starters, you can have one of the best diving experiences in Mozambique if you try the Padi Dive Resort at Dive Quirimbas. This is indeed a world class dive centre on Ibo Island in the Quirimba’s Archipelago.

Why dive at Dive Quirimbas?

You can learn how to dive here! The best way to start diving is to do your Open Water Diver course with Padi certification – all you need is good swimming skills, good health and a desire to learn more about the incredible underwater world of the oceans!
Dive Quirimbas offers scuba diving to accredited divers as well as varied Padi dive training courses.
Guests can book a series of dives when staying at Ibo Island Lodge, a dedicated dive package or a mobile island hopping dive safari – one of the most unique dive and adventure experiences in Africa!
What is Dive Quirimbas exactly?

This Padi dive resort boasts a small, passionate team whose main aim is customer service – professional divers make sure your Mozambique dive experience is the best and safest it can be.
LorrayneGaymer, Dive Instructor, is hugely passionate about diving and conservation. She is an expert at finding the small stuff!
Abdul Shacuro is the very experienced skipper who is an ex-spear fisherman with amazing free diving skills and who knows the waters of the Quirimba’s Islands like the back of his hand.
AssaneAmabe (Injaba) is the dive shop and skippers assistant and he is always there to lend a hand. He helps divers to get kitted up, rinses masks for divers or carries gear to the pier – and all with a big smile.
This is what lies beyond Dive Quirimbas – some of the best diving experiences in this part of Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago! This is where the big fish swim – Yellow fin and Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin and Barracuda, Kingfish and Rays.

You will what is there when you go down, every dive being a new surprise, a new discovery to write home about. And you can choose your season for diving – if you arrive from August until November you will see Humpback Whales and dolphins in the waves.

Stunning Diving Experience off the Quirimbas Islands


If you are looking for a diving holiday, one where you can experience wonderful clarity of water and fantastic marine life to swim among, then you can do little better than Mozambique. With a stunning Indian Ocean coastline – including the famous Manta Coast – and wonderful resorts you have it made, but there’s more: the amazing Quirimbas Islands, in the Ocean a short way off the shore, are regarded as among the finest diving opportunities anywhere in the world. As the experts in Mozambique travel we know the islands better than anyone, so come to us for the best deals.

The Quirimbas Islands are utterly unique and offer a chance to stay in some of the most exclusive accommodation anywhere you will go. Take Ibo Island Lodge, an award winning lodge in a perfect location on a quiet island that offers perfect diving opportunities among the splendid coral reefs. It is just one of many quite delectable destinations in the islands, and there are many more to choose from. Furthermore, the islands are located within the unique Quirimbas National Park, a marine nature reserve that is quite spectacular and a wonderful experience for all.

Diving off the islands is one thing, but what about diving off a traditional Arab dhow? From Ibo Island you can enjoy a special dhow safari and take dives off the boat, a wonderful chance to see what delights the beautiful ocean waters hold. As we have been arranging holidays to the islands for many years we have great relationships with the resorts, and we can get you the best deals on the finest accommodation. In fact, in some cases we may be able to save you as much as 15% off the standard price, so you don’t have to look around for a better deal.

With a team of expert travel consultants who have personal experience of the best resorts on the Quirimbas Islands we can help you get the package you require. We can help you put together an itinerary that includes all types of diving experiences of the islands, and we can even arrange a beach and bush package so that you can spend time on the mainland and enjoy a safari or a visit to any of the towns and cities in Mozambique. Why not get in touch now and one of our team will call you back to book that dream holiday you have always wanted.

Endless Pristine Beaches


A holiday at Ibo Island Lodge will open your eyes to a fascinating history of an era lost in time and the timelessness of a unique culture that defines this beautiful island. But, it is not only the history and culture that draw many a visitor from near and far, it is the wonderful array of exciting activities available too. Ibo Island Lodge, together with its fully-equipped PADI dive and activities centre, Dive Quirimbas, combine to make one of the finest PADI dive resorts in East Africa.

Dive Quirimbas is located in the Quirimbas Archipelago, renowned for its endless pristine beaches and uncharted waters that teem with aquatic life. The dive centre offers a variety of exciting activities for the whole family, including a range of scuba diving courses. Both beginner and advanced divers are afforded fantastic opportunities to explore some of the most pristine dive sites, which include seven local dive sites as well as two more on Mogundula Island and Rolas Island.

In addition to scuba diving, Dive Quirimbas also offers snorkeling activities, affording those who cannot dive a chance to discover the underwater realm and its hidden treasures of colour corals and prolific marine life. Guests can also enjoy one of the most unique experiences of all – swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitat!

Choose a mobile island hopping safari for a chance to experience the Quirimbas National Park. This adventure activity is conducted on board a traditional 12 metre motorized dhow and is led by a pro guide, plus a skipper and crew to look after you during this expedition. You will explore the marine park, spending the nights on an uninhabited island. The chef will prepare fresh seafood dishes over an open fire while you are left to explore the endless pristine beaches, collecting shells or snorkeling off the beach. Depending on the package you choose, this itinerary concludes with a night or more at Ibo Island Lodge.

As the leading experts in Mozambique holidays, we offer excellent rates on your holiday accommodation to Ibo Island Lodge. We are more than happy to tailor packages that are unique to your specific requirements. Get in touch with one of our friendly advisers and they will take the stress out of planning your dream holiday. Contact us today!

World Class Collection of Dive Sites


If diving is your passion you need to visit Mozambique, where the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean provide a fabulous collection of dive sites. Many say the very best of all are off the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, and the region is recognised for its truly world class diving. With marvellous coral reefs ringing these beautiful islands you have plenty of opportunity to explore, and as we have been arranging packages to Mozambique for twenty years we are the only people you need to talk to for the best deal.

The Quirimbas Archipelago lies off the north-east coast of Mozambique and consists of several small islands, many of which feature superb resorts. Stay in the glorious Ibo Island Lodge, for example, and you get the full private lodge experience, plus a chance to enjoy a wonderful dhow safari from which you can dive and explore the wildlife beneath the waves. Or you may enjoy the genuine luxury of Vamizi Island, a real private tropical idyll where you can take a holiday in complete seclusion. For the best diving in the world, don’t go anywhere other than the Quirimbas Archipelago.

We have access to the very best accommodation on the islands and can put you somewhere close to the best diving sites, and we also guarantee you the very best prices in the business. In fact, we could possibly save you up to 15% on the best package deals available. We are the acknowledged experts in Mozambique travel, and we have plenty of experience of the resorts and islands. Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or an exciting diving experience we can arrange it, so you’ve come to the right people to get you the package you need.

Our team of expert travel consultants have personal experience of the many resorts on the Quirimbas Islands and will happily work out a package that suits your needs. We can sort the best diving experience for you and even build you a beach and bush package so you can enjoy a trip to the mainland, perhaps to take in a safari or to visit the wonderful capital, Maputo. For the best diving experience in the world you can’t beat Mozambique, so why not get in touch right now, and one of our team will call you back to arrange a superb holiday in this glorious place.

Swim with Dolphins at Dive Quirimbas


It is said that swimming with dolphins is good for the heart, we say this life altering experience is good for the soul. And when you swim with dolphins at Dive Quirimbas you can be sure to have this phenomenal experience lingering at the recesses of your mind.

Dive Quirimbas is a fully equipped activities centre that is run by Ibo Island Lodge. It is an accredited PADI dive centre that offers a range of dive courses and access to some of the most amazing dive sites in the Quirimbas National Park. The centre also offers the chance of a lifetime to swim with wild dolphins in their natural habit. This exhilarating, yet tranquilizing experience takes between 2 to 3 hours and is dependent on the nature of the dolphins. If you are lucky, the dolphins will interact with you while you are in the water but when they are too busy feeding, they will not come close.

Before you set out on this excursion, you will be taught a few lessons on how to interact responsibly with the dolphins and of course their behaviors, followed by a briefing on boat safety. Dive Quirimbas adheres by a regulated Code of Conduct that ensures a sustainable eco-friendly approach that caters for both your experience and the best interests of the dolphins.

Experience nature at its best when you book a Mobile Island Hopping Safari at Dive Quirimbas, the best way to experience the Quirimbas National Park that allows you to explore the wide coastal river mouths where mangrove forests are home to 10 of the red listed birds. You can combine this with snorkeling and diving as well as kayaking, paddling off your support vessel as you go.

Make sure to include swimming with dolphins at Dive Quirimbas in your itinerary this year and you won’t regret it. Book with leading tour operator in Mozambique holidays for massive savings and fantastic deals. Contact us today!

Dive Quirimbas –Mozambique Holidays

Dive Quirimbas

Divers like to get away from it all and where better to spend a Mozambique holiday than deep within the idyllic Quirimbas Archipelago, between Pemba in northern Mozambique and the river Rio Rovuma on the border with Tanzania. Here you will find Dive Quirimbas, an up and coming dive and activity centre based on Ibo Island where local fishermen still use dhows to navigate the seas and mangrove swamps, casting their nets as they have done for thousands of years.

Quirimbas DivingHighly qualified dive instructors will take you diving into the Quirimbas, around several of the islands in warm waters with high visibility. You will enjoy sightings of unbleached coral reefs, game fish including Yellow fin tuna and marlin, Whale sharks; huge schools of feeding Barracuda, Kingfish, Red snappers, Green and Hawksbill turtles, pods of Humpback dolphins as well as the Humpback whales in season.

Arriving at Ibo Island Lodge on Ibo Island to start your holiday in Mozambique is like a dream come true and the first thing to greet you is the Dive Quirimbas activity centre. Here, scuba diving and dolphin safaris are the most popular activities, while boat trips to other islands, snorkelling, dhow and kayak safaris are other wonderful water-related goings-on from Ibo Island.

Swimming with the dolphins at Ibo Island Lodge makes your Mozambique diving holiday extra special. Interaction with these intelligent beings boosts the self-morale of guests who come to Ibo Island Lodge to learn more about the area’s biodiversity and culture and to escape life’s rush. Your dive instructor will also take you to Lighthouse Reef South to see large schools of Blue Lined Snapper and Harlequin Sweetlips, Nudibranchs and Flatworms, not forgetting the occasional Turtles and White and Black Tip Reef Sharks swimming by.

Dive QuirimbasYou can explore Ibo’s reefs if you do one of the many Dive Quirimba’s courses, ranging from Discover Scuba Diving to Dive Master an expert instructor and marine conservationist. Sign up during your Mozambique holiday for a dive course on Ibo Island! See the reefs when you have your Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver, or Dive Master course.

For those with a penchant for diving, try a PADI Speciality course including Digital Underwater Photography, Deep Diver, Underwater Naturalist, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Shark Conservation.

Other dive sites that can be easily accessed from Ibo Island are Matemo and Rolas Islands, Cocoons, the fantastic Zala Banks at Mogundula Island, and some wonderful shallow dives at the 19th century coal steamer wreck just north of the sandbank beach off Ibo. Because of the usually crystal clear waters, you can still see scattered pieces of coal, once on the ship over 100 years ago. This is also a great snorkelling site.

Diving in the Mozambique Quirimbas National Park is an experience not to be missed. Divers should book a special package for Ibo Island Lodge that includes dives, swims with dolphins, excursions to other islands and, of course, exquisite luxury accommodation and modern facilities to really enhance your holiday! Contact one of our consultants to tailor make your diving holiday at Dive Quirimbas.

Things to do in Mozambique

Dive Quirimbas

The beautiful islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago are famed for their stunning beaches, but perhaps for some it’s the magnificent clear and warm waters of the Indian Ocean that is the main attraction. Diving off the islands offers a superb opportunity to explore the amazing coral reefs, and the many wonderful examples of exotic marine creature that live here. We have been arranging holidays to Mozambique and the islands for 20 years and are the acknowledged experts in travel to the islands, so you’ve come to the right place.

Diving Quirimbas ArchipelagoWith a choice of snorkelling off the islands or taking part in a full diving expedition you have plenty to occupy you in the Quirimbas Islands, and there are many other opportunities available. Take a dhow safari from amazing Ibo Island and you can enjoy the ocean waters away from the islands, as well as kayaking in the many rivers around the archipelago. You can stay on uninhabited islands and enjoy the true tranquillity, or even book a holiday on a private island retreat such as Medjumbe. This really is a place of genuine tranquillity, and it doesn’t get more exotic than Mozambique.

Booking with us gives you many benefits, not least the fact that we know the islands inside out, and we have excellent relationships with the resort owners. We can offer you excellent prices on your diving holiday in the Quirimbas and you could save as much as 15%, and we also know the best resorts to send you to for the finest diving opportunities of all. You don’t need to look anywhere else for the best deals on Mozambique travel – you’re already in the right place.

With a team of expert travel consultants waiting to help arrange your package we can even offer you a beach and bush deal; you stay some time on one of the fine resorts in the Quirimbas and take a trip to the mainland for a safari. Nobody knows the islands better than we do, and we have the knowledge to make sure your holiday is perfectly planned. Why not get in touch right now? One of our advisors will call you back very soon to arrange an activity filled holiday in the Quirimbas Islands. You know you deserve it, so go on, get the wheels rolling!

The beautiful islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago


The beautiful islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, off the coast of Mozambique in the glorious Indian Ocean, make a perfect choice for an exotic holiday, so well done for choosing this remarkable place. As experts in Mozambique travel for 20 years we have the experience to provide a package that will incorporate all you require, and nobody knows the islands like we do. With super accommodation and fabulous things to see and do you are guaranteed a wonderful holiday in a genuinely exotic place, and we can get you the best prices available.

The Quirimbas Islands include some truly amazing private island resorts as well as many more popular lodges and villas, and it is safe to say that the waters off the stunning beaches offer some of the finest diving opportunities to be found anywhere in the world. The location includes the fascinating Quirimbas National Park, a marine park awash with exciting and exotic marine life and coral reefs, and the clear and warm waters are perfect for the best diving you will ever experience. Take a dhow safari and dive off the ship, or simply head to the dive spots as directed, and you won’t be disappointed.

Booking with us gives you the benefit of excellent discounted rates, as we have lengthy relationships with the many resorts on the islands. We can also offer you excellent accommodation choices to suit your budget, and we deal with all necessary booking for your adventure. The Quirimbas Islands offer an opportunity to enjoy many exciting activities including kayaking, sailing and snorkelling, or you can choose to simply relax on the beach and enjoy the slow pace of life in this unspoilt slice of Africa.

With an expert team of travel consultants who know the islands and Mozambique better than anyone we are perfectly placed to help you book that dream holiday you have always wanted, and you may save as much as 15% by booking with us. Why not let us deliver you an itinerary that includes everything you want to experience in Mozambique, and at guaranteed excellent prices? You know you deserve it, so get in touch now and we will help you book a holiday that you will never forget, and a diving experience that will be the best in the world.

Mozambique islands

Dive Quirimbas

With our range of great deals and specials, you too can enjoy a holiday in the Mozambique islands. You can save up to 20% on your holidays when you book with the specialist tour operator with over 20 years of selling vacation packages to Mozambique. Whether you want a luxury getaway in the Bazaruto, a cultural experience in Ilha de Mozambique or a romantic, off the beaten track experience in the Quirimbas, we will help you find the right accommodation for you.

Many people opt for beach holidays so that they may explore the hidden beauty of the underwater world on snorkeling and diving excursions. That is why there are so many dive centers available, offering anything from dive courses to scuba diving apparel. You have to know exactly what you need out of your experience to make the best decisions on which dive center to choose, and in the Quirimbas Archipelago, Dive Quirimbas is right there at the top. Situated on the historical island known as Ibo Island, this PADI dive center is your one stop shop for all your scuba diving needs.

Dive QuirimbasDiving Quirimbas Archipelago

When you choose Dive Quirimbas on your holiday to one of the best islands in Mozambique, you will have access to 7 local dive sites off Ibo Island plus 2 more – on Rolas Island, north of Ibo and Zala Banks, which lies southeast of Mogundula Island. Rich coral reefs teeming with diverseaquatic species plus opportunities to swim with dolphins – now that’s world class diving! Depending on which sites you visit, dive trips range from 4 to 6 hours. In between dives, lunches on deserted islands and other activities such as snorkeling can be enjoyed.

If you are not clued up about the world of diving, Lorrayne Gaymer, the center’s instructor and conservationist is more than happy to show you the ropes. There are several courses you can sign up for including Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver, as well as the Dive Master course. Lorrayne and her team are more than happy to teach you PADI Specialties, which include Deep Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Underwater Naturalist, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Shark Conservation.

Loads of fun times await you at Ibo’s Dive Quirimbas, so go ahead and get certified with the best in the business and discover the enchanting maze of fantastic drop offs and eclectic coral species. Give us a call today, and our friendly consultants will take the stress out of planning your holiday.