Dive Expeditions in the Quirimbas

More than 30 islands, most of them uninhabited and undeveloped, stretch for miles along the north coast of Mozambique, and are home to turtles, dolphins, amazing game fish and a plethora of tropical fish and other species.

Protected marine habitats

Breath-taking natural habitats are mostly protected within the marine national park, including mangrove swamps, estuaries brimming with birdlife and wildlife, inland lakes, coconut palms and incredible indigenous vegetation. Traditional fishermen still ply their trade from wooden dhows, living off the sea and land as they have done for centuries.

Did you know that the Quirimbas National Park comprises 11 coral islands within a huge area of 1500 square kilometres off the coast of Mozambique at Pemba? Your dive expedition in the Quirimbas will feature deep drop offs, caves, wall dives and colourful tropical fish, offering out of this world diving experiences. Such beauty underwater has to be seen to be believed.  Read more about the national park right here.

Start your diving journey in the Quirimbas in Pemba, the gateway to these magnificent holiday destinations. You can spend a night here first, exploring a new water sport and snorkelling around the bay, a great introduction to what is out there in the warm Indian Ocean.

Fly to Ibo to dive the Quirimbas

Take a light aircraft to Ibo Island, hosting one of the best diving activity centres in the Quirimbas, if not Africa. The best part of staying at Ibo Island Lodge is the access to the dive sites around the islands here – you can explore Matemo and Rolas islands, seeing fish you thought never existed. You can spend time wandering the beaches of Quisiva island, remote and lodge free.

Expect some of the best diving experiences in this part of Mozambique where game fish such as Yellow fin and Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin and Barracuda, Kingfish and Rays glide and swim. You will what is there when you go down, every dive being a new surprise, a new discovery to write home about. And you can choose your season for diving – if you arrive from August until November you will see Humpback Whales and dolphins in the waves.

At Ibo Island Lodge you will be entertained in spacious luxury suites with quality linen and decor, amazing service and delicious fresh food. Sink into the sumptuous home-away-from-home facilities and don’t be surprised when you become a friend of the lodge. Enrol on a diving course at Dive Quirimbas and you will never look back. This world class dive centre is run by a highly trained team and qualified dive instructor. Learn more about the sea than you ever thought possible!

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