Dolphin Safaris

Swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat at Dive Quirimba’s, a new top class dive centre owned and managed by Ibo Island Lodge. Divers will never forget this incredible experience, interacting with these surreal marine creatures in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago off Ibo Island!

Before setting out, divers first need to learn a bit about dolphins and their behaviour and what responsible interaction really means. Then the briefing on boat safety and marine life and you are ready to plunge right in! Ibo Island Lodge uses the regulated Swim Code of Conduct to dive with dolphins – specifically created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach.

At last, sail out into the Indian Ocean for an hour on a dhow, large enough for 12 divers, or take the 20 minute speedboat trip for up to six people. Watch the dolphins in clear shallow tropical waters, slowly kit up and wait for them to approach you. Never try to swim after them or harass them – this is their domain and you are the visitor!

Some days dolphins love to interact with swimmers and other days they are too busy feeding and won’t come too close. But when they are in the right mood, they are curious and want to check you out!

Divers in the Quirimbas usually come across the dolphins in shallow tropical waters where they can be easily seen swimming along the sandy bottoms. Whatever happens, you will never forget the time you spend below the surface of the water with these special creatures. Did you know that when people mingle with dolphins, it boosts their immune systems, improves their self-control, self assurance and attention spans and even deepens their sense of compassion?

Dive Quirimbas activity centre is very proud to be an Ethical Marine Mammal Campaigner in Mozambique which supports the Dolphincare code of conduct. With the help of The Dolphin Centre crew in Ponta Do Ouro we make sure that both your experience and the dolphin’s best interests are being catered for.

Please note that Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to sightings and the nature of the dolphins. Combine your swim with the dolphins with a snorkelling experience to see myriad fish in all their glorious colours, and a guided walk into the mangroves to see unforgettable biodiversity.

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