Swim with Dolphins at Dive Quirimbas

It is said that swimming with dolphins is good for the heart, we say this life altering experience is good for the soul. And when you swim with dolphins at Dive Quirimbas you can be sure to have this phenomenal experience lingering at the recesses of your mind.

Dive Quirimbas is a fully equipped activities centre that is run by Ibo Island Lodge. It is an accredited PADI dive centre that offers a range of dive courses and access to some of the most amazing dive sites in the Quirimbas National Park. The centre also offers the chance of a lifetime to swim with wild dolphins in their natural habit. This exhilarating, yet tranquilizing experience takes between 2 to 3 hours and is dependent on the nature of the dolphins. If you are lucky, the dolphins will interact with you while you are in the water but when they are too busy feeding, they will not come close.

Before you set out on this excursion, you will be taught a few lessons on how to interact responsibly with the dolphins and of course their behaviors, followed by a briefing on boat safety. Dive Quirimbas adheres by a regulated Code of Conduct that ensures a sustainable eco-friendly approach that caters for both your experience and the best interests of the dolphins.

Experience nature at its best when you book a Mobile Island Hopping Safari at Dive Quirimbas, the best way to experience the Quirimbas National Park that allows you to explore the wide coastal river mouths where mangrove forests are home to 10 of the red listed birds. You can combine this with snorkeling and diving as well as kayaking, paddling off your support vessel as you go.

Make sure to include swimming with dolphins at Dive Quirimbas in your itinerary this year and you won’t regret it. Book with leading tour operator in Mozambique holidays for massive savings and fantastic deals. Contact us today!