Swimming with Dolphins An Amazing Experience

Our recent guest, Pavvo, from the Czech Republic, had no idea what an awesome day he was going to have when he booked two dives with us at Dive Quirimba’s.

He met the crew early in the morning and they headed through the channel towards Lighthouse Reef off Ibo Island for the first dive of the day. After a stunning dive seeing the smallest shrimps, crabs and nudibranchs to the huge Napoleon wrasse we call Bob and two huge Green Turtles, it was time for a surface interval before heading North to Pachamba.

Lighthouse reef is home to a pod of resident Indo-pacific Bottle-nose dolphins which use the area to rest, feed, socialise and breed and are often seen mingling with the Humpback dolphins of the area. As we slowly passed through the area, we asked the guests to get their masks and fins ready – why sit on the boat for an hour when you can snorkel with Dolphins on your surface interval?

The guests were ecstatic as they caught their first glimpse of these beautiful creatures and quickly gathered their things, whilst being briefed on how to behave in the water with these super inquisitive friendly mammals.

Can you believe that the guests relaxed in the warm waters for an entire hour, whilst the dolphins moved up and down the reef right in front of them. Diving down to the bottom and shooting up right next to them. You could hear the squeals of excitement through the snorkels. Guests were amazed by the sounds the dolphins make and how close they come to check you out. They are so playful!

This is all part of the Dive Quirimba’s experience at Ibo Island and a magical holiday in the Quirimbas Archipelago. It is true that swimming with the dolphins can make your Mozambique holiday extra special. Interaction with these intelligent beings boosts the self-morale of guests who come to Ibo Island Lodge to learn more about the area’s biodiversity and culture and to escape life’s rush.

The Dive Quirimbas activity centre now offers you the incredible experience of swimming with wild dolphins in their home waters. Spend a few hours first learning about the dolphins and their behaviour and what responsible interaction really means. Ibo Island Lodge uses the regulated Swim Code of Conduct which was specifically created to ensure a sustainable eco-friendly approach.

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