Ibo Island Dive Sites – Dive Mozambique

From dolphins to sharks, novice divers can explore the shallow, clear, warm water while experienced divers can head for the more serious drop-offs. Scuba diving with Dive Quirimbas at Ibo Island Lodge is about entering another universe of wild underwater landscapes where rainbow fish swim.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is a combination of diverse marine life, untouched coral reefs and tropical ocean currents. We don’t mind if you are a novice or accomplished, we just want to show you our sweet lips and angelfish, our dolphins and turtles, not to mention the hump backed whales which you could view in season (July to September).


A new dive site on the Eastern side of Ibo Island just waiting to be explored. Juwa,  means “sun” and offers  excellent underwater photography opportunities with great lighting for all enthusiasts.

Lighthouse Reef North

Found on the northern tip of Ibo Island, Lighthouse reef is a popular, slowly sloping reef littered with soft pink, blue and green corals. Picture whip corals curling upwards to the surface and the enchanting pulsating soft corals scattered among a large variety of sponges.

Lighthouse Reef South

Home to Bob the huge resident Napoleon Wrasse and several smaller members of his family; this reef boasts an incredible array of tropical fish and corals, on the Lighthouse wall. Large areas of the reef are covered in gigantic table corals and big areas of plate corals.


East of the Coal Steamer Wreck, starting at 5 metres and slowly dropping down to 18 metres, these pristine reefs are teaming with a huge array of marine life and corals. Running North and South you can find lots of tropical reef fish such as Moorish Idols, Banner Fish, Parrot Fish, and Sturgeon Fish.

Maria Manuel d’Silva

This site lies at a small island, East of Matemo Island. It starts at 5 metres and gently slopes down to a wall that begins at 11 metres and drops down to 20 metres. The shallow slope features a huge abundance of hard and soft corals, plus a beautiful variety of tropical reef fish.

Matemo Island

Matemo lies west of Maria Manuel D’Silva and offers some stunning slowly sloping shallow reefs with a slightly deeper wall that lies at around 16 metres and drops down to 22 metres. A large variety of shallow hard and soft corals offer plentiful reef fish and colours.

Kingfish Alley

Matemo Island has a deep channel 35-40 metres long with strong currents – a great drift dive for the more experienced diver.
Kingfish are often seen darting up and down this channel. The shallow reefs surrounding the island are a great place to rest and relax on divers’ safety stop.

Rolas Island West

Rolas is a small un-inhabited island north of Ibo and Matemo. It is a really easy, shallow and pretty dive site.
Home to huge areas of hard corals, this dive site boasts many baby and juvenile fish. Baby Lionfish hide amongst the corals with Spider Crabs and tiny Butterfly Fish and Angel Fish.

Zala Banks

South-East of the uninhabited Mogundula Island lies the wonderful Zala Banks. Choose from several dive spots here, ranging from 5 metres to 30 metres. Kingfish and Tuna are often seen racing through the diverse and plentiful corals which are found off the deeper sides.