Lighthouse Reef North

Found on the northern tip of Ibo Island, Lighthouse reef is a popular, slowly sloping reef littered with soft pink, blue and green corals.

Picture whip corals curling upwards to the surface and the enchanting pulsating soft corals scattered among a large variety of sponges. Blue spotted sting ray hide from the sunlight under large table corals and Moray Eels peek their heads out of holes.

Schools of Sturgeon fish, Unicorn fish and Parrot fish swim above the reef with its many nooks and crannies hiding all sorts of marine life waiting to be found. The very interesting-looking Leaf Scorpion Fish can be found hiding under, and feeding within, the corals and many anemones.

There are also plenty of different types of crabs. Clown, Picasso and Red toothed trigger fish are all regular visitors to these reefs.

Listen for the whales during July to October as you dive these stunning reefs.